What we offer at Pixelmon Conquest

Custom plugins, events, and builds

Our team is dedicated to bringing you a fun unique experience in the world of Pixelmon! We are always running the latest versions of the games and constantly working on custom updates to make your experience here just that much better! We always listen to our community and strive to make ourselves best fit for your needs.

Fun for everyone

LilyDynamite15 has spent years trying to come up with a plan to make a server that was accommodating to all and not pay to win. We push for inclusiveness throughout our network, and everyone on our team has a strong passion for Pokemon. We strive to become a versatile network for all ages.

About us

I've always enjoyed both minecraft and Pokemon growing up and I thought what better way than to combine them both! So I have decided to give myself a goal- make a fun server for all while keeping the nostalgia of the Pokemon console games! We have big plans here at PixelmonConquest, so I can't wait to meet all of you! - LilyDynamite15

Videos from some of our youtubers and streamers on Pixelmon

Show some support to our local players and their content! Who knows? Maybe you'll be showcased here next!